• 1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.

    My name is Helena Traill and I'm a Graphic Communication Design Student at Central Saint Martins in London, taking my finals.


    My parent has had cancer for 19 years (almost my whole life), meaning this has become normal. My aim for my final major project is to raise awareness and promote open discussion in order to normalise the cancer discussion. If I can contribute to this in someway... I have achieved my aim!


    The outcome will be a series of portraits (which will become a book) and a short documentary. It should be shown at the Central Saint Martins Degree show in June.

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    Open Discussion

    This project is all about promoting open discussion and normalising the cancer discussion.


    People (YOU!)

    I am looking for 100 people to get involved with this project! If you know anyone or you are interested yourself, please get in contact below.



    I am making a book full of portraits, so all you need to do is email me a photo of yourself against a white background.

  • How It Works

    Would you like to get involved? This is what you can do...

    Your Story

    Via Email

    I plan to create a stack of images showing all the people I have spoken to. If you have a few minutes you can email me a picture of yourself against a plain background (a white wall for example) and I will use this to create the abstract portrait, using the 'cancer on board' symbol.


    You can then chose...

    1. To remain anonymous

    2. To send a short paragraph: about your cancer, how it has effected you and why you think open conversation is so important (obviously a huge subject and a conversation that could last many hours.. but the key things that come to mind would be great!)


    If you send me an email to thecancerchapter@gmail.com I can explain more!

  • This animation explains a bit more about the project and how you can get involved!

  • Get Involved

    Please send me an email to thecancerchapter@gmail.com to get involved.

  • Contact Me

    If it's easier to call or email me, please click on the links below!


    +447837 747932


  • Thanks!

    I would like to say a huge thank you to Cancer On Board and The Brain Tumour Charity for helping me with my project.

    Making every journey with cancer, a little easier.

    Fighting to defeat brain tumour.

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